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AC-Clear Breakout Kit

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Combining the Kamedis AC-CLEAR FACE CLEANSER, FACE CREAM, and SPOT TREATMENT all in one convenient kit.Clinically proven to achieve clearer skin in just 12 hours. Our lightly foaming cleanser gently cleans skin without drying it, while our moisturizer works to balance your skin’s sebum production. Clear breakouts quickly with our powerful spot treatment. Formulated with carefully selected botanicals in accordance with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Helping the skin return to its natural and healthy balance
  • Formulated with carefully selected botanicals, glycerin and salicylic acid
  • Helps to reduce pimples, and redness due to inflammation
  • Products that work together to help clear up various oily skin symptoms and prevent their recurrence.

How to Use

Wash face with AC Face Cleanser 2-3x daily. Apply AC Face Cream 2-3x a day all over face. Apply AC Spot Treatment 2-3x a day on affected areas only.